Petrol Lawnmower Maintenance

    Whichever type of lawnmower you use, and whether it’s a Qualcast, Flymo, or other leading brand, the right maintenance will keep your lawnmower in top condition and running better for much longer. Here are a few pointers.

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    Petrol Lawnmower

    • Always check the manual for guidelines.

    • Manufacturers may recommend different things, but a general rule of thumb is to change the oil on your lawnmower after every 25-50 hours of operating.

    For a lot of households, this will probably be about once a year, so change it every spring to keep it fresh for the summer ahead. When oil loses its freshness it will turn darker.

    • The oil level should be checked on the dip stick after every 8 hours of mowing.

    • Always use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. Bear in mind that unleaded petrol will go stale if it is stored for more than 3 months. This can affect the engine performance.

    • Keep your spark plug on form. This will need replacing after every 100 hours of use.

    • Clean the air filter every season or after every 25 hours of mowing. It may need replacing if very dirty.

    • Clean the mower deck housing using soap and water. To do this you need to disconnect the spark plug. If there is a heavy build-up of grass you may need to use a scraper first.

    • Keep the blades on your mower sharp with a grinder wheel or a file. If the blade is really damaged then you will need to replace it.

    • Replace any worn and torn belts.

    • Keep a maintenance schedule to help keep you on track with your lawnmower.

    • Keep it in good storage during winter months.

    Lawnmower Spares and accessories

    To prevent the annual fight to start the lawnmower replace the fuel with freshly purchased fuel and the lawnmower will be easier to start.

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