Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

    Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

    Buy accessories for your vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner and carpet washer at BuySpares. Whether you need a new upholstery nozzle for your vacuum cleaner or carpet shampoo to combat persistent marks or stains - you'll find the accessory here. Our range of vacuum cleaner accessories and carpet washer formulas and solutions cover everything from vacuum air fresheners to stain removers.

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    Why making caring for your floors harder than it needs to be?

    There are a huge range of vacuum cleaner and floorcare accessories available. There are products designed to do everything from extending the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner, to tackling tough carpet stains. Amongst our range of floorcare accessories are a range of universal tools to make vacuuming simple. Our range includes dusting brushes, crevice tools and upholstery tools. We also stock a range of carpet shampoos and stain removal products for tackling everything from pet messes to dirt, mud and common household stains.

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    How to maintain a vacuum cleaner
    Taking good care of your vacuum cleaner can prolong its lifespan and prevent loss of suction or manoeuvrability. You can perform a few simple vacuum cleaner maintenance tasks on a regular basis to keep your vacuum cleaner in top condition and prevent you need to fork out for a major repair or replacement. In the article we cover the basics, including when to change the bag and filters as well as brush roll care and coping with a snapped belt.

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    Carpet stains and carpet cleaning
    If you have ever spilt coffee or red wine on your carpets then you can appreciate how important it is to find an effective stain removal formula. If marks and stains aren't dealt with at the time or go unnoticed they can leave your carpets looking tired, which can tarnish the overall ambience of a room or home. Depending on your situation it might be possible to tackle just an individual area or you may need to revitalise the whole carpet.
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    Where to start when it comes to vacuum attachments…
    There are a huge range of tools and attachments to help you with the vacuuming, including everything from specialist tools for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas to innovative attachments for tackling stairs and pet hair. In this post we look at the range of tools available and what they can be used for, including the array of universal vacuum cleaner tools available that can be used with virtually any vacuum cleaner brand.
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    How to deal with stubborn carpet stains
    No matter what colour or type of carpet you have in your home, the laws of the universe dictate that it will suffer at least one nasty stain or spill in its life. Fortunately, floorcare experts Bissell have developed 'solutions' to combat the majority of common stains that might turn up on your carpet. In this post we look at how you can remove three of the most common stains to prolong lifespan of your carpets and save you money.
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