Kitchen appliances

    Listed below are common terms used in electrical appliances and devices with a brief explanation of their meanings.

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    Auto Closing Door Mechanism

    This is a hinge mechanism fitted on some models of refrigerator that ensures the door closes properly to prevent temperature rises.

    Automatic Defrosting

    This refrigerator feature ensures that the refrigerator is defrosted at regular intervals without switching off the appliance and removing the stored food.


    Built-in Appliance

    A built-in appliance is fitted into the work surface, unit housing or alcove as part of a fitted kitchen.


    Ceramic Hob

    A ceramic hob is a flat glass topped electric hob that radiates heat from underneath the surface

    Combination Microwave

    A combination microwave simultaneously uses heat and microwave technology during the cooking process

    Condenser Dryer

    This style of dryer requires no venting to the outside and instead the water is collected in a container within the machine.

    Conventional Oven

    This is an oven without a fan. It heats up using elements at the top, bottom and sides of the oven space



    This is the process of allowing the ice in a freezer to thaw out

    Double Oven

    The oven features two oven spaces, one of which may be combined with a grill


    Fan Oven

    This is an oven that features a fan to ensure even distribution of heat. This will usually reduce cooking times

    Free Standing Appliance

    These types of appliance are not connected to the kitchen units in anyway and they are not concealed like integrated appliances.

    Fridge Freezer 50/50

    This shows that the appliance is half freezer and half fridge in terms of volume

    Fridge Freezer 70/30

    This shows that the appliance is 70% fridge and 30% freezer in terms of volume


    Halogen Hob

    A halogen hob heats using a strong halogen light as the heat source


    Induction Hob

    An Induction hob has an electro magnet positioned below the glass. Induction hobs efficiently heat only the pan and not the hob itself. Only ferrous metal pans should be used.

    Integrated Appliance

    An integrated appliance is an appliance that is hidden behind a cabinet door to give the effect of it being another unit. Common integrated appliances include dishwashers and fridge freezers.


    Multifunction Oven

    This type of oven has multiple functions can be used as a conventional oven, fan assisted oven, Grill or fan assisted grill


    Recirculating Cooker Hood

    A recirculating cooker hood uses active charcoal filters to remove impurities from the air passed through the cooker hood to purify it.


    Single Oven

    The oven has one oven space and will usually be combined with a grill

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