How to Replace the Cartridge Filter in a Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    If your Karcher vacuum cleaner is overheating, smelling or not picking up properly it may be time to clean or replace the filter.

    Here we show you how to clean and replace the filter to return your cleaner to full working order.

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    Video Transcript:How to Replace the Cartridge Filter in a Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    Welcome to BuySpares, this video will show you how to replace the cartridge filter in a Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

    Important: before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure that the appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

    The filters in your Karcher vacuum cleaner are designed to trap harmful particles in the air flow before they can cause damage to the motor, which is why it is important to keep the filters clean.

    To access the filter, click the handle out of its position and push it all the way down. Lift the lid of the vacuum and placed upside down exposing the filter. Turn the filter cap in the direction of the open arrow allowing you to lift the old one off.

    To clean the filter sharply tap it several times to remove as much dust and debris as you can before checking between the folds for any larger piece of debris. However if it's worn or damaged or if there are any tears in the material it will be much less effective and this can lead to damage to the vacuum, in which case you should replace the filter.

    To attach the filter just place it back onto the central support and reattach the filter cap turning it in the direction of the closed arrow. The lid can then be replaced on the machine and the handle returned to its upright position.

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