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    How to Replace a Samsung Washing Machine Heater

    If your washing machine washes continuously and does not finish a cycle and you cannot feel heat through the door even on a boil wash you may have a faulty heater.

    This video shows how to replace it on a Samsung washing machine.

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    Tools that you will need

    Video Transcript: How to Replace a Samsung Washing Machine Heater

    Welcome to BuySpares, this video will show you how to replace the heater on this Samsung washing machine.

    Important: before replacing a part in any electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance is first disconnected from the mains.

    If your machine washes continually and will not finish, and no heat is detected from the door glass on a hot wash, then this may be due to a faulty heater and requires replacing.

    This model has a heater fitted from the front, check this applies to your machine before starting.

    First remove the top panel, then take out the dispenser drawer and unscrew the housing.

    Release the control panel by taking out these screws, open the door and remove the door seal clamp, take the seal off the front panel, and push it into the drum, then close the door.

    Use a flat screwdriver to carefully lever the kick panel out and release it.

    Remove these screws and carefully lift off the front panel and disconnect the lock.

    Take a photo of the wires, if required, on the heater for reference before disconnecting.

    Unscrew the nut at the centre and push the bolt to release the clamp and remove the heater.

    Apply a little liquid soap to the new heater’s seal and push the heater through the clip inside the drum into position preventing it contacting the drum.

    Tighten the mounting bolt and reconnect the wires.

    Connect the lock and refit the front panel and the control panel.

    Fit the kick plate, refit the seal and its clamp band, finally replace the draw and top before testing the machine.

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