How to Fit a New Belt on a Tumble Dryer

    If the belt has snapped it will need to be replaced. Depending on what make and model you have it can be difficult to gain access to the belt, in most cases due to the size of the drum.

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    9 Step Guide to Replacing a Tumble Dryer Belt:

    1. Unplug the tumble dryer from the mains electricity.

    2. Check the belt is broken. To do this spin the drum by hand, if it rotates freely then the belt has gone.

    3. Take the lid and a side panel off the machine and check to see if you can gain access to the belt.

    4. Locate the belt. You should be able to see the belt or the groove where the belt should be.

    5. Remove the existing belt. If the belt is still in place but broken it will simply lift away.

    6. Examine the belt path. It is likely you will have to release the front or back panel to allow the belt to be passed from the front or rear of the drum. Once the belt is around the drum refit the front or rear panel to strengthen the dryer assembly.

    7. Fit the new belt over the motor shaft and refit the tensioner, if fitted. If it does not have a tensioner this may require a lever to stretch the belt.

    8. Ensure the drum is still in its correct position and the drum front is resting on its bearing "shoes". Gently rotate the drum making sure the belt settles into its correct position.

    9. Reassemble the machine and test.

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