How to Cure a Noisy Washing Machine

    Listed below are some of the most common reasons for a noisy washing machine and an explanation of what might be causing the problem and how to fix it.

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    Noisy Even when Drum Turned by Hand:

    If the drum is spun by hand it will usually make a low metallic rumbling sound, similar to that of a train on a track.

    Check for any movement between the inner drum and the outer drum casing; if the bearings are in good condition this should be minimal and anything more could indicate worn bearings, which will need to be replaced. Please note that the whole drum assembly is allowed to swing back and forth, so any movement like this is normal.

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    If, on inspection, the cause of the fault is not immediately apparent most people will require the assistance of a trained professional.

    Noisy During Spin:

    There are concrete or metal weights attached to the drum which, if loose, these will knock against the drum when spinning. Check the weights are not loose and tighten if necessary.

    Rocking or Moving on Spin:

    Turn the empty machine on to a cycle and make sure the feet are adjusted to stop the machine from rocking. If the appliance is moving or shaking excessively, this may be due to out-of-balance washing.

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    Noisy when Emptying or Spinning:

    This is usually something in the filter, such as a coin or hair grip, which is being hit by the pump impeller. Check, remove and clean the filter, and while the filter is out of the machine use a torch to inspect the impeller for anything that may have got caught on it (such as elastic bands or hair bands). If the noise continues even with the filter cleaned, replace the pump.

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    Clicking or Rattling when Slowly Turning the Drum by Hand

    Try removing the drive belt before turning the drum again. If the noise continues it may be due to something caught between the drum and drum outer case. It may be possible to access and remove the item through the gap at the front of the drum.

    Alternatively, if you have identified a trapped item that is inaccessible in this way it may be necessary to remove the sump hose or the heater to try and dislodge the item.

    If, on inspection. the cause of the fault is not immediately apparent most people will require the assistance of a trained professional.

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    Bra wires can come out during washing and get stuck between the drum and tub. Place small items in laundry bags and hand wash worn bra's.

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