Gtech Sweeper Repair Guide and Common Faults

    You probably find that your Gtech sweeper comes in really handy for fast and efficient cleaning, even in awkward places. Due to its cordless and lightweight design it is the perfect choice for hard floors and many models can also be used as a handheld.

    However, occasionally things can go wrong and faults develop. This guide to common Gtech sweeper problems is designed to help you tackle the most common sweeper repairs and maintenance.

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    Vacuum Cleaner

    As part of your Gtech sweeper repair you may need to purchase a replacement part or consumable item. At BuySpares we sell a range of genuine Gtech vacuum cleaner spare parts for all models of sweeper and cordless vacuum cleaner, including the SW02, SW04 and SW10.

    When shopping for sweeper spares you will need to know your model number, which can be found on the rating plate on the underside of the main cleaning unit.

    My Gtech Cordless Sweeper No Longer Charges:

    There are several reasons why the battery in your Gtech sweeper may not charge. Some of these are really straightforward to correct, while other solutions may require you to purchase a replacement Gtech part.

    Firstly check that the on/off button is set to off before you attempt to charge the battery. The sweeper will not charge at all when the start button is 'on'.

    Secondly, check that the Gtech charger is correctly connected to the sweeper. It sounds obvious but don't forget to check it is plugged in and switched on.

    If these simple checks don't rectify the issue then there may be a fault with the battery or charger. One way to check is to plug the charger in and leave it for a few hours. If after this time period the charger is not warm to touch then it may be that the charger needs to be replaced.

    The Battery Runs Down in My Gtech Sweeper Too Fast:

    If your Gtech sweeper does not hold its charge then there are a few things you can check before you go out and purchase a replacement battery.

    Like all batteries, Gtech sweeper batteries don't last forever and after many hours of constant use they can begin to lose their run time. The first thing to establish is that the battery is charging correctly and that it is fully charged before you use your sweeper.

    You should also check for any obstructions, such as blockages and debris, which may be preventing the brush bar from turning freely and causing the sweeper to operate less efficiently. If after these checks the battery is still dying on a regular basis then it is advisable to replace the battery.

    Dirt is Being Left Behind or the Sweeper has Lost Pick-Up Performance:

    If you are vacuuming and notice that some dirt or debris is not being picked up then you should begin by checking and emptying the sweeper’s dust tray to ensure it is not overflowing.

    If the dust tray is empty and the pick-up performance hasn't improved, turn the sweeper off and inspect it for any signs of damage. It is advisable to start by removing the brush roll and checking it for any damage. Lengths of hair or thread can easily become wrapped around the brush roll and stop the sweeper working effectively and efficiently.

    It may be possible to clear the blockage, but failing this you can buy and fit a new Gtech sweeper brush roll and our guide to replacing the brush roll on a Gtech sweeper will help you carry out such a job.

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    * All information provided is a guide only. BuySpares accepts no liability for any problems occurred while attempting any advice shown. If in any doubt contact a qualified repair service.