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    Listed below are common terms used in electrical appliances and devices with a brief explanation of their meanings.

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    Agitator Brush

    This is the revolving brush fitted on upright vacuum cleaner that is used to beat dust and dirt out of the carpet. It is particularly effective at tackling pet hairs and can also be called a brush roller, brush bar or brush beater.


    Bag Full Indicator

    This is a feature on a bagged vacuum cleaner that lets you know when the bag is full and needs to be changed

    Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

    This is a vacuum cleaner with a bag to collect the dust and debris

    Bag less Vacuum Cleaner

    This type of vacuum cleaner has a dust container that emptied and reused rather than disposable vacuum bags

    Brush Roller

    (See agitator brush)

    Brush Bar

    (See agitator brush)

    Brush Beater

    (See agitator brush)


    Cord Rewind

    This is a feature that is common on cylinder vacuums that allow the cord to be retracted into the vacuum cleaner for tidy, compact storage.

    Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    This type of vacuum cleaner is small and compact. They are good for cleaning hard floors and hard to reach areas.



    This is an important function of the vacuum cleaner which removes unhygienic particles before pumping the air back out. Vacuum cleaner filters can become clogged and need to be replaced regularly.



    HEPA is an abbreviation for High Efficiency Particulate Air which is a method of s-class filtration that emits air suitable for allergy sufferers


    Lifetime Filtration

    This refers to vacuum cleaner filters designed to last the lifespan of the cleaner that will not need to be replaced.


    Micro filtration

    This is a form of filter that can capture finer particles


    On Board Tools

    This is when a vacuum cleaner has a number of specialist cleaning tools that attach to the main body of the cleaner.


    S-Class Filtration

    This is an accepted manufacturing standard for anti-allergenic filtration.

    Stair Cleaning Tools

    This is a vacuum cleaner tool specifically designed for cleaning the stairs. They are designed to fit the hose/extension tube so that the vacuum can be left safely at the base of the stairs.

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