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    Diagnosing Dishwasher Door Problems

    This article will tell you about the most common dishwasher door problems and how to repair and resolve them.

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    It is worth mentioning that when removed, dishwasher door panels have extremely sharp edges. For this reason we recommend taking great caution whilst handling door panels and if possible wear gloves for protection.

    Door Hinge Pivots:

    Many dishwasher door hinges have a pin and push clip as their pivot. As the machine gets older the push clips will sometimes come off the pivot pins, allowing the door hinge to become detached. To resolve this issue replace the pivot pin and clips on both sides.

    If the clip is a push fit (like a normal washer but the inside hole is serrated in a castellation style) use a small quarter-inch drive socket that passes over the pin to push the clip onto it. Fit the pin through the hinge and squeeze the clip onto the pin by pinching the pin and socket together with a pair of grips or pliers.

    Door Balance Problems:

    Dishwasher doors are usually counterbalanced by large springs with either a nylon cord or wire, but the springs, cord or wire can all break.

    To replace the broken parts remove the side cases to access the spring assembly. If an integrated appliance adjust the balance tension so that the door lifts and is supported correctly without suddenly falling or springing up when released.

    Leaking from the Door Seal:

    A dishwasher does not have a watertight door seal. Instead, it features a splash seal which is designed for water to splash onto and run down to the base of the cavity.

    If your appliance is leaking, there are a few simple steps you can do. First, check the dishwasher is level and square. If it's fitted tightly between cupboards it can easily twist the cabinet, so it is very important to ensure the door and cabinet fit properly.

    Dishwashers will often allow some steam to escape during the drying cycle, which is why integrated machines are supplied with a plastic barrier to protect worktops from condensation. This condensation can gather after the cycle and drip, giving the appearance of a leak. Vent the dishwasher after the dry cycle has finished and wipe off any surface condensation, but replace the door if the above has been checked and water is escaping.

    Dishwasher Accessories

    To get the best results from your dishwasher rinse and brush off all food particles before loading the machine.

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