Order by Phone: 0844 557 5575 | 7p per min + your network access charge

    Order by Phone: 0844 557 5575 | 7p per min + your network access charge

    UK Next day delivery available Monday-Friday until 9pm UK Next day delivery available Monday-Friday until 9pm

    Connect Distribution Services Ltd uses various organisational and technical measures to protect your personal information and is proud to be certified against BSI EN ISO9001 for business processes.

    Organisational Measures - Connect Distribution Services Ltd have company policies and handling procedures in place which employees and business partners with whom we may share your information must follow. Regular training is also undertaken to ensure policy and procedures and all applicable regulations and laws are followed.

    Access Control & Authentication - Connect Distribution Services Ltd use access control systems to ensure only authorised employees and business partners have access to your information that is limited to what is needed for carrying out their job. Each individual with access has to provide access credentials in order to gain access to the systems which are monitored.

    Just as Connect Distribution Services Ltd employees and business partners can gain access to your personal information, Connect Distribution Services Ltd site may also provide you with account facilities where you can customise and improve your user experience and manage any customisable settings as well as view your own account information.

    In order to provide this service Connect Distribution Services Ltd invite you in the first instance to create a username and password. Connect Distribution Services Ltd would ask that you maintain the confidentiality of these credentials just as we do ours to help prevent unauthorised access.

    Connect Distribution Services Ltd offer the following tips to keep your log in details secure:

    • Make your password strong - the longer and more complicated it is the harder it is for others to guess or crack, we suggest using a passphrase (a random selection of words you can easily remember) or why not use a password manager (there are many freely available on line that can create one for you and remember it so that you don't have to
    • Don't share passwords with anyone - even someone you know, passwords can be easily compromised especially if they are known to others
    • Don't reuse passwords across multiple on line accounts - once a password is compromised a crook can try these credentials on other websites that you may use and gain unauthorised access allowing them to learn more about you which can then be used for fraud or identity theft

    Encryption - Connect Distribution Services Ltd use data encryption to ensure safe and secure transactions. Connect Distribution Services Ltd site is secured using industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology which creates an encrypted link between the web server and your browser ensuring that all data passed between us remains private and secure.

    In order to be able to generate this encrypted link a web server requires an SSL/TLS Certificate. SSL/TLS certificates confirm two essential factors:

    • That you have a secure SSL/TLS (encrypted) link with our website
    • That the website owner is a valid and legitimate organisation

    Payment Card Data - In addition to Connect Distribution Services Ltd using your payment details to process your order, the organisation that processes the payment together with your card issuer may do additional fraud checks to verify the card and the transaction is legitimate.

    Visa & MasterCard in particular may interrupt the order process after you enter your payment details and will prompt you for an additional security password where you are using one of these cards and are enrolled in either the "MasterCard SecureCode" or "Verified by Visa" schemes. Where you are not enrolled you will be asked to enrol. Once this process is completed you will be returned to our website to complete the transaction.

    • MasterCard® SecureCode™ Explained
      MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a simple and secure method of payment at online stores, for which you will have a private code known only to you and to your bank. Your SecureCode™ enhances your existing MasterCard® account by safeguarding against unauthorised use of your card when shopping at participating online retailers. Every time you make a payment with these retailers, you will be automatically prompted to enter your own private SecureCode™ - just like entering a PIN at a cash machine. In seconds, you gain added protection while shopping online.
    • Verified by Visa Explained
      Verified by Visa is a simple password-protected identity-checking service that takes the risk out of online shopping for both retailers and customers. Retailers are protected against fraudulent transactions and the costs associated with it, while customers can spend with confidence knowing that their payment details are safe.

    Data Storage & Retention - In order to minimise the risk of exposure to your information Connect Distribution Services Ltd only keep your information for as long as needed in accordance with our policies, industry best practice and to comply with the law. Connect Distribution Services Ltd current internal retention policy is set to a maximum of 7 years this allows us to comply with financial regulations and provides ample time for customers to make enquiries about previous orders and to deal with queries regarding any guarantee and warranty period on products or services sold to you.

    Personal information collected via this website is stored on servers located within the EU and therefore is subject to both UK and EU privacy and data protection regulations; Connect Distribution Services Ltd will not store your information on systems outside of the EU without permission from you unless international data sharing treaties or specialist contracts are in place.

    Information Sharing - Connect Distribution Services Ltd will not disclose your personal information to anyone other than businesses within the CDSL group and to reputable third party contractors engaged by Connect Distribution Services Ltd to perform a variety of functions such as delivering and processing your orders, assisting with promotions, fraud management, handling complaints or providing technical services such as Live Chat and hosting.

    Connect Distribution Services Ltd require all such third parties to sign a data sharing agreement which means they agree to treat your personal information as fully confidential and to fully comply with all applicable UK and International data protection laws and consumer legislation from time to time in place. Additionally Connect Distribution Services Ltd will never sell or pass your personal information to anyone without informing you and gaining your consent.

    Disclaimer - Connect Distribution Services Ltd provide links to other resources & websites such as review sites, social media pages and blogs hosted on other platforms amongst others. By visiting these sites you recognise that these other websites to which Connect Distribution Services Ltd link to will be governed by their own terms and conditions & privacy policies. We accept no responsibility or liability for the content and data protection policies of websites which are not within Connect Distribution Services Ltd control.

    This privacy policy may not be applicable in all countries where Connect Distribution Services Ltd visitors or registered community users reside, security policies may vary according to the individual Internet laws in each host country.