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Tumble Dryer Balls - Energy Saver Focus Part 4


part 4

Last week we looked at harnessing solar power on the go to ensure that your laptop or mobile phone stays powered up, without proximity to an electrical power source. This week we show how Tumble Dryer Balls can help to lower your energy consumption, chemical usage and save you money all at once.

Tumble Dryer Balls - The Energy Saviour

Tumble Dryer Balls work doubly hard to help the environment: they save energy by reducing tumble drying times and eliminate the need for artificial chemicals in the form of fabric softeners.

Reduce Tumble Drying Time and Save Energy

Everyone knows that tumble dryers are one of the worst culprits for energy consumption in the home, so the less time they spend drying your clothes, the smaller the impact on the environment and your pocket.

Tumble Dryer Balls are proven to vastly reduce tumble drying times, saving up to 25% of electricity consumption by comparison to a normal tumble. The specially shaped softening nodes on the balls help to lift and separate your laundry, allowing hot air to flow more effectively through the drum and dry your garments. The balls also retain heat and transfer it to the clothes as they tumble, which further speeds up the drying process.

Help the Environment by Reducing Pollutants

Another purpose of Tumble Dryer Balls is to soften your laundry, eliminating the need to use chemically formulated products such as fabric softener. Tumble Dryer Balls relax the fibres in your clothes, sheets and towels, making your fabrics naturally soft, whereas fabric conditioners and tumble dryer sheets work by coating your garments in a petroleum substance, which gives them a synthetic and unnatural softness.

By using Tumble Dryer Balls rather than fabric conditioner, you will be helping to reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals that are released into our water every day.

Your Bank Balance Will Thank You Too

Tumble Dryer Balls are also much kinder to your pocket. Not only do they save a substantial amount from your electricity bill, but they are completely reusable, therefore eliminating the need to fork out on replenishing as you would with fabric conditioner or dryer sheets.

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