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Time Guard 7 Day Security Light Switch - Home Security Focus Part 1


part 1

As we head into Autumn, the nights becoming progressively longer and darkness starting to close in that bit earlier, we are starting to think more about safety, security and how best to keep ourselves and our homes protected.

Buyspares recognise the fact that we are more security-conscious these days than ever before, and carry a range of products designed to keep yourself and your home secure night and day, from alarms to surveillance equipment.

Each week we'll be taking a look at one of these products or ranges in our Home Security Focus series.

Deter burglars and prevent break-ins with Time Guard

No matter where we live, the threat of break-ins is always a worry. Many people attempt to deter burglars by leaving the lights switched on while they are out of the house for the evening, but what about when you're away on business, or on holiday for a week or more? If it is obvious that no-one is home, burglars may see this as an opportunity to strike.

The 7 Day Security Light Switch , an innovative product from Timeguard, can be programmed to control the lights in your home, switching them on and off at specified times. It can be set to operate just on weekdays or over a weekend, over the full week or on individual days.

The lights are on but there's no-one home

The 7 Day Security Light Switch is great as a deterrent for opportunist burglars, making it seem as if someone is using the lights in your house even when you're away from home.

Not only this but it can act as a great energy saving device for those who are prone to falling asleep with the lights still on!

This self-operating light switch also includes a 'Dusk Start' feature, whereby lights will automatically switch on at dusk, and switch off at a time programmed by you. This feature works by photocell operation and will cause your lights to come on at the most realistic time; when natural light begins to fade.

The Dusk Start option is also handy to use when you are at home, giving the added benefit of not having to manually switch your lights on as it begins to get dark, which is especially useful for those who have mobility problems or difficulty in reaching light switches.

Easy to install, the 7 day security light switch can be fitted in place of most standard light switches, and will work with filament, fluorescent, low energy and low voltage lights.

Next Week:

We look at the different types of Alarm Systems available and how they will help you to stay safe.

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