Strato Universal 32mm Push Fit Stair / Upholstery Tool

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    Strato Universal 32mm Push Fit Stair / Upholstery Tool

    Strato Universal 32mm Push Fit Stair / Upholstery Tool


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    • Product Description

      The Universal 32mm Stair / Upholstery Tool is a must have for cleaning stairs and upholstery.

      This cleaning tool makes pulling stubborn hair, lint and dirt from upholstery and stairs fast and easy. Featuring a rotating head for flexibility, you will now be able to clean difficult to reach areas easier.

      You can use this tool on stairs as it has many of the same functions as a standard floor tool, but thanks to its compact size it is very handy for cleaning staircases with either carpet or hard surfaces. It attaches to the hose or extension tube, so if you have an upright vacuum, you won’t have to lug it onto each and every step ever again. If the tool is used with any sort of extension, the chances are you will be able to reach every step on your staircase without moving the main vacuum at all.

      It features lint strips to pick up hairs, making it perfect for coaxing dust from sofas, chairs and cushions.

      This is a universal 32mm Stair/Upholstery Tool that is suitable for vacuum cleaners that have a 32mm diameter hose connection, please check your vacuum connection fitting size to ensure that this product is suitable.


      • Fits externally to 32 mm Vacuum Hoses & Extension Tubes
      • Rotating tool head - makes cleaning the difficult to reach places easier
      • Lint strips - easily picks up hairs
      • Agitating edge - lifts carpet pile for a deeper clean
      • Colour: Grey
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    BuySpares Approved part

    Stock No: 2809419BS