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    Solar Power - Energy Saver Focus Part 3


    part 3

    Last week we revealed the impact that switching from incandescent light bulbs to energy saving lamps can have on your electricity bills. This week, find out how solar technology can help keep your portable electronic devices fully charged while you're out and about.

    Portable Solar Powered Solutions

    Solar power is a natural, inexhaustible energy source, using the light and heat provided by the sun to provide power for electrical items with no by-products or emissions. Best of all, it's completely free!

    Free Solar Energy to Charge your Mobile Phone, Laptop or iPod

    Technology is constantly adapting to make the most of this fantastic resource. Nowadays we rely on our portable goods such as mobile phones, ipods and laptops to the extent that they often need to be charged on a daily basis, leading to a large energy consumption and hefty electricity bills. However, we are now able to harness free solar energy to keep your portable devices charged no matter where you take them, and save you money into the bargain!

    Solarmonkey Portable Solar Chargers

    Mobile phones are wonderfully convenient gadgets, until the battery dies while out and about and you're stuck with no way of recharging it until you get home. Solarmonkey portable solar chargers not only provide energy to charge your phone at no cost to your pocket or the environment, but they can be used anywhere, no mains power required!

    Comprised of two solar panels which charge your device by generating an electrical current when exposed directly to sunlight, the Solarmonkey connects to most types of mobile phone, as well as iPods, PDAs, PSPs and more.

    This solar powered charger can also handle unexpected weather changes, as its included "Solarnut" stores redundant solar energy, acting as a backup if the sun decides to go into hiding.

    Larger items such as laptops can also take advantage of free solar energy with the Solargorilla. This extra-strength solar powered charger can charge devices of up to 40 watts and is also compatible with most mobile phones, iPods, PDAs, handheld games consoles and Sat Navs.

    A portable solar charger gives you the freedom of staying fully charged anywhere, providing you with environmentally sound, cost-free power directly from our biggest energy source; the sun!

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