Sat Nav and Car

    Listed below are common terms used in electrical appliances and devices with a brief explanation of their meanings.

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    This is a common feature that automatically adjusts the amount of light emitted by the sat nav taking into account outside light conditions.



    This is a wireless technology that enables electronic devices like sat navs and computers to communicate with each other over short distances.



    This is the accessory used to secure the sat nav system to the windscreen or dashboard. It is also referred to as a mount or dock.



    (See Cradle)

    Dynamic Re-routing

    This is a feature that enables the sat nav to automatically recalculate your position, should you miss a turn or change your route.


    Embedded Flash Memory

    This is a storage device that enables the sat nav to retain saved data when the power is turned off.


    This is the Estimated Time of Arrival. It can also be referred to as 'time to destination'.

    Expansion Slot

    This enables you to expend the memory or capabilities of your sat nav system by inserting an additional card.


    Li-ion battery

    This is a lithium-ion battery. It is a common form of rechargeable battery found in devices like digital cameras and satellite navigation systems.



    (See Cradle)


    SD Memory Card

    Secure Digital Memory Card. This is a data storage device commonly used with digital devices.



    This is a technology that enables you to select and input data by touching the screen, eliminating the need for a keypad.

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