Safety in the garden

    Working in the garden presents many hazards from power tools, ladders and sharp blades. In this article we will aim to offer advice and remind you of some of the dangers you may face

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    The first and most obvious point when using electricity in the garden is to recommend the use of a Residual Current Device (RCD) safety adaptor.

    If you're using something electrical such as a hedge trimmer and you accidentally cut through the cable, the RCD will detect any current passing to earth and automatically cut off the power. If your home has a modern fuse board which has its own RCD, using a separate additional adaptor will still add another layer of protection in the event of a cable being damaged accidentally.

    It is recommended to use an independent RCD on any mains powered external electric device, including mowers, trimmers, pressure washers and drills.

    Whilst using any mains powered device outside it is still advisable to be careful and not use in wet conditions; an example of an electrical hazard could include extension cables in damp grass.

    All cables, plugs, sockets and tools should be checked and examined for damage before and after use, and make sure that no one will trip over cables whilst in use.

    Make sure pets, children or even working colleagues are not going to disturb you or get in harm's way while you are carrying out your task.

    You should avoid using power tools above shoulder height, and if working on ladders, ensure you do not over-reach but instead ensure you are balanced in the centre of the ladder.

    Ladders and steps need to be in good condition, set up on a solid level base and, if working above head height, have the bottom of the ladder held in position or with another person placing their weight on it to prevent slips and falls. Use a platform if required as they tend to be more stable.

    Use protective equipment where possible: goggles for strimmers, drills and chainsaws, as well as robust gloves and even head protection.

    Carry out a basic risk assessment when using a chainsaw to consider if the tree or bough could fall the wrong way or unbalance the operator during felling.

    When using pressure washers, prevent electrical connections and switches from getting wet, but if accidently splashed immediately switch off at the socket at the house or garage.

    When handling sharp blades wear gloves and disconnect mowers, strimmers and chainsaws when changing or untangling the blades. To disable a petrol strimmer, mower or chainsaw just disconnect the spark plug.

    Through a combination of the correct equipment, the correct protection and the correct preparation you should reduce the risk of accidents and increase the chances of completing a successful job or repair without any mishaps.

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