E-Cloth 5 Cloth Starter Pack


    E-Cloth 5 Cloth Starter Pack

    E-Cloth 5 Cloth Starter Pack


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    Genuine spare part

    Stock No: 3521623BS

    • Product Description

      This Starter Pack comes with five cleaning cloths that will cover all your household cleaning tasks!

      Unlike many traditional cloths, as you draw these cloths across your items, their fibres clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt and grease - All with just water.

      All the E-Cloths are made of millions of tiny fibres, simply using water they provide a superior clean by removing the surface layer of dirt, leaving bacteria nowhere to grow. Featuring electrostatic properties, the natural positive charge effect when the general purpose cloth is dragged across any surface ensures dust is removed with just a wipe.

      Pack Contains:

      1x Bathroom Cloth - This cloth is extra thick and fluffy for increased absorbency and will remove greasy grime, soap scum and bacteria, perfect for cleaning all areas of the bathroom.

      1x Glass & Polishing Cloth - Use dry on a damp surface and watch as this cloth flash-dries all shiny surfaces to a brilliant, streak-free finish. It is ideal for removing light grease and dirt such as finger marks.

      1x General Purpose Cloth - A highly versatile cloth with thicker fibres and wedges that rapidly absorbs spills, removes dirt, grease and bacteria. You can even use it dry for a quick and easy dust.

      1x Kitchen Cloth - Removes thick grease, dirt and bacteria with a scrubby pocket that easily removes spots of stuck-on dirt.

      1x Window Cloth - This cloth will banish grease, grime and dirt from all your windows and frames, both inside and out. Its highly absorbent fibre structure expands when wet, enabling even the toughest dirt to be effortlessly lifted and trapped.


      • Removes 99% of bacteria
      • 1x Bathroom Cloth (32 x 32cm)
      • 1x Glass & Polishing Cloth (40 x 50cm)
      • 1x General Purpose Cloth (32 x 32cm)
      • 1x Kitchen Cloth (32 x 32cm)
      • 1x Window Cloth (32 x 32cm)
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    Genuine spare part

    Stock No: 3521623BS