Product Demonstration: How To Use Oven Brite To Clean Your Oven

    From a great cleaning range we introduce Homecare Oven Brite cleaner, a great accessory in the battle to keep your cooker clean.

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    Video Transcript: How to use Oven Brite to clean your oven

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    This video will show you how to use Oven Brite to clean your oven.

    Important: Before replacing a part in any electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

    Oven Brite is a fantastic product for getting your oven sparkling again, it can be used to clean both the oven racks and the oven cavity.

    To clean the oven rack, remove it from the oven and place it into one of the bags provided, be careful not to pierce the bag anywhere with any sharp points on the rack.

    Holding the bag upright, carefully pour about half the cleaning solution into the bag, before removing as much air as possible and sealing it.

    Shake the bag to evenly distribute the solution across the rack, before laying it flat. You should leave Oven Brite to work for at least four hours, but for best results leave overnight.

    To use Oven Brite in the oven itself, simply pour the solution onto the surface of the cavity and work it around the dirty areas with a cloth. Then leave the solution to work for four hours, but leave the oven door open, ensuring that children and pets are supervised when near it.

    Once Oven Brite has been left to work, wipe away the residue with a damp cloth and plenty of water, then dry the surface with a towel.

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