Karcher K2-K7 Drain Pipe Cleaning Hose - 15m


    Karcher K2-K7 Drain Pipe Cleaning Hose - 15m

    Karcher K2-K7 Drain Pipe Cleaning Hose - 15m


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    Genuine spare part

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    • Product Description

      Clear blocked pipes and drains without chemicals!

      Your pressure washer is a practical way to clean clogged drains, saving time and money otherwise spent on a call out to the plumber. The drain pipe hose is a 15 metre hose that allows your pressure washer to be turned into an efficient drain cleaner.

      Chemicals may unblock the drain, but they use dangerous toxic acids and spinning metals to accomplish their task. This kit uses no chemicals and extends the reach of the pressurised water, which blasts through clogs without threatening the integrity of the pipework.

      With four rear pointing high pressure jets you can now unclog drains using only a small volume of water and no mechanical metal blades. The powerful water stream blasts through clogs without the danger of damaging or cutting your pipes. These back-firing jets propel the hose forward into blocked drains and scrub the sides of the pipes; the other end of the hose has a bayonet connection that attaches to the spray wand or trigger gun of your pressure washer.

      The hose has markings down the side so you can easily track its progress and how far in you have to thread the pipe. It's also very slim and flexible making it easy when going down the pipe that is blocked, perfect for tight gaps and pipes such as sinks and down pipes.

      If you have a blocked drain and already own a pressure washer, using the K2-K7 Drain Pipe Cleaning Hose will clear it in no time. Its flexible textile braided hose easily clears blocked downpipes, sinks and toilets; working seamlessly with all Karcher K2-K7 pressure washers.

      Break apart clogs and flush out residue with the K2-K7 Drain Pipe Cleaning Hose.

      Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.


      • Length: 15m
      • Perfect for clearing blockages in pipes, drains, downpipes and toilets
      • 4 Rear-pointing high-pressure jets
      • Consecutive marks and marker ring to show progress
      • Flexible quality textile braided hose for perfect results
      • Extra short brass nozzle for maximum flexibility in the pipe
      • Durable anti-kink sleeve and brass connector
      • Max Pressure: 160 Bar
      • Max Water Temperature: 60°C
      • Bayonet connection
      • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
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    Genuine spare part

    Stock No: 2495504BS