Logik Universal 32mm Push Fit Crevice Tool

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    Logik Universal 32mm Push Fit Crevice Tool

    Logik Universal 32mm Push Fit Crevice Tool


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    • Product Description

      This Universal 32mm Crevice Tool is the perfect tool for cleaning in tight corners and difficult to reach areas such as skirting boards.

      Measuring 255mm and with a 32mm diameter, this tool is excellently suited for cleaning narrow crevices and gaps. It fits directly onto the wand of the vacuum cleaner and is the must have attachment for cleaning behind beds and between car seats. Thanks to its compact size it lets you squeeze between the wall and the refrigerator, in between sofa cushions and under cabinets where your entire vacuum can’t reach.

      The narrow tip design on the tool concentrates the airflow into very powerful suction.

      Excellent for getting dust out of folds, crevices and corners.

      This is a universal 32mm Crevice Tool that is suitable for vacuum cleaners that have a 32mm diameter hose connection, please check your vacuum connection fitting size to ensure that this product is suitable.


      • Fits externally to 32 mm Vacuum Hoses & Extension Tubes
      • Length 255 mm
      • Suitable for cleaning in folds, crevices or corners
      • Plastic
      • Colour: Black
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    BuySpares Approved part

    Stock No: 1223816BS