Improving home security

    With a few simple steps your home security can be improved, providing less chance of a break-in and you with greater peace of mind.

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    First, take look around the outside of the property for potential problems. Ensure you can lock garden gates and sheds; if an intruder can get into your shed they may be able to use tools they find to break into your home. Consider moving spades, pick axes and heavy tools into the garage if this is more secure.

    Stepladders must not be easily accessible - chain them up if you cannot lock them in a shed or garage.

    Check that the security lights are working and correctly adjusted. Consider using a dummy security camera to deter opportunists.

    Check the house and make sure your alarm (if fitted) is working and correctly adjusted.

    Inform the neighbours and anyone who has a key to your property when you are going away; if there is a problem they can keep an eye on the property and respond promptly to strangers or alarm activation.

    A visible build-up of post in your house will show you're not in to open it, so ask a neighbour to make sure newspapers and post are not on display. For the same reason, cancel any scheduled deliveries to the house, such as milk or newspapers.

    Ensure that external windows and doors are locking properly and in good order.

    Mark valuables with your postcode and if possible move them so they are not visible or can be seen through windows.

    Consider having one set of bedroom curtains drawn to give the appearance of someone in bed.

    Use a timers to operate a lamp and or Radio to give the impression of the house being occupied when leaving unoccupied during holidays

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