Identifying Hoover or Candy Washing Machine Error Codes

    If your washing machine stops with a E and two numbers or a light blinking a regular number of flashes your machine may have a fault.

    Check the code to find the area of problem..For information on how to tackle and resolve faults and problems on a wide range of appliances see our other articles »

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    Video Transcript: Identifying Hoover or Candy Washing Machine Error Codes

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    In this video we will show you how to identify error codes on Hoover washing machines.

    Important: before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure that the appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

    Most Hoover washing machines will indicate an error if the machine recognises a problem, and this is usually displayed by blinking lights on the front panel or a letter and two numbers.

    If you have a flashing light watch carefully as you'll notice the blinking pause then start to flush again, count the number of flashes as this will give you the number which should help identify the area of the problem.

    Error codes are a guide to help you look in the correct area to identify what is going wrong, and here are the typical error codes used in most Hoover machines.

    E 01 one or E 07 indicates a problem in the door lock area, this could be the door lock, wiring or PCB.

    E 02 indicate a problem with the fill, and can be caused by a pinched supply hose or the water turned off.

    E 03 indicate a problem in the drain circuit usually caused by debris in the pump.

    E 04 error indicates a problem with the anti flood circuit, this is likely to be due to water in the base of the machine and may indicate you have a leak.

    E 05 error indicates a problem with the NTC the sensor for water temperature, check the connections and replace if required.

    E 06 error indicates a problem with out of balance/eprom or board faulty. See our noisy spinning washing machine video for more information.

    E 07 error indicates a problem with the door lock or the motor jammed depending on model.

    E 08 error indicates a problem with the motor tacho.

    E 09 is a motor triac fault error and you may not have any main motor drive.

    E 10 error suggests a motorised selector fault on old machines or drum sensor device, if fitted.

    E 11 error is an open circuit dryer heater/sensor or module.

    Check the wires to the sensor at the top of the front of the drum these commonly break from movement on the spin.

    E 12 suggests a PCB communication error or open circuit dryer heater/sensor or module.

    E 13 error suggests a faulty PCB.

    E 14 error suggests a PCB or heater/ NTC fault.

    E 15 error suggests the PCB is not programmed or its memory chip is corrupted.

    E 16 error suggests a heater insulation problem; this can cause tripping of your fuse box or other random cycle errors.

    E17 error suggests a no tacho signal, but can be due to the motor not turning.

    E 18 error suggests a faulty PCB.

    Remember to use these errors as a guide to the area of the problem

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