Identifying a Whirlpool Fault Code

    If your Whirlpool washing machine stops before finishing a cycle and displays a combination of a letter and number then this video will tell you how to identify what this code means.

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    Video Transcript: Identifying a Whirlpool Fault Code

    Welcome to BuySpares, in this video we will be showing you how to identify error codes as shown on Whirlpool washing machines with digital displays.

    Important: before replacing a part in any electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance is first disconnected from the mains.

    Many washing machines will display an error code if the machine has a problem, Whirlpool machines with a digital display indicate this by using a couple of characters on the display readout.

    Error codes are guides and can be misleading, but they can be used to identify what is going wrong. Here is the list of the whirlpool error codes for washing machines.

    If your machine is displaying FH that is an input error, it means the machine has a problem filling with water. Check for a kinked or trapped hose, and also check the valves inside the machine and their filters.

    FP displaying is an output error, it means the machine is not able to empty correctly - so check the pump and check for any debris that might be stuck in the filter.

    F00 is indicating a pump motor drive fault. Suspect the power board.

    F5 is a water temperature error, the sensor is not giving the correct readings to the board, so check its connections and replace the water sensor if necessary.

    F07 is a motor driver error, check the motor itself, its connections, and if the problem persists suspect the control board.

    F06 indicator motor speed error, the control board cannot identify the motor speed - check the Tacho coil on the motor for continuity.

    F08 indicated open circuit on the heater, this can be identified by using a meter.

    F09 indicates water in the base, this will occur if you have a leak or water has gathered in a tray under the machine.

    F10 indicates two boards are not communicating, or it can be a motor fault on some models. Check the PCB connectors for corrosion or loose-fitting and the motor thermal protector.

    F12 can be a heating element short or it has failed.

    F14 is a program memory, or EEPROM failure or fault.

    F15 is an error with the motor control.

    F16, F18, F20, F21, and F22 all indicate a problem with the control unit.

    FDL is a door lock error and FUL is a door unlocked error, ensure that the door closed properly, if the problem persists suspect the lock itself.

    Remember these are a guide and sometimes may confuse, check our advice centre for up-to-date information.

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