How to use Rescue Tape

    Providing hundreds of solutions in a variety of repair and maintenance scenarios, Rescue Tape is a must-have for everyone's toolbox.

    This self-bonding tape is not sticky to the touch but when wrapped will provide protection that is water resistant, heat resistant up to 260°C, electrically insulated up to 8000 volts and with 950 PSI tensile strength.

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    Tools that you will need

    • No special tools required for this product

    Parts that you will need

    Rescue Tape is the ultimate repair tape:

    Welcome to Buyspares. This video will show you some of the ways you can utilize Rescue tape in and around your home.

    Before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure the appliance is first unplug from the mains.

    Rescue tape a is a silicon-based tape that is self bonding.

    And has a tensile strength up to 950 PSI meaning it can be stretched too a high tension without breaking.

    Due to it's silicon content the tape is also waterproof and air tight making it ideal for fixing leaks in pipes or places where water tightness is vital.

    It also was in temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius and insulates 8,000 volts per layer.

    So it ideal for the electrical and heat based applications.

    There are hundreds of uses for Rescue tape Including.

    Making a comfortable tool grip,

    Sealing a vacuum hose,

    Wrapping around cabling to neaten up spaghetti.

    Emergency Medical plaster.

    Unlike duct tape electrical tape and similar products it has no adhesive coating so it doesn't leave a sticky residue when it's removed.

    Rescue tape works just as well and apply to wet dirty and oily surfaces. It can even be used under water.

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