How to use a Universal Flood Proof Inlet Hose

    A leaky washing machine can cause a lot of damage. Protect your home with this one of purchase.

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    Video Transcript: How to use a Universal Flood Proof Inlet Hose

    Welcome to BuySpares. This video will show why to use a Universal Flood proof Hose.

    Important: before replacing a part in any electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance is first disconnected from the mains.

    If the hose on your washing machine bursts or is leaking it can result in a lot of damage to your property.

    This is especially important if you are living in a flat or maisonette as the water may damage your property and the property directly below the machine.

    This Hose is specially designed that if there is a leak in the hose or a burst of the pipe the water will be automatically turned off at this connector preventing a flood.

    This happens automatically and will turn off even if there is no power to the machine.

    It gives added safety to the installation for a one off purchase and requires no additional parts.

    Simply turn off the water supply, remove the old hose, and install the new replacement.

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