How to Service and Restart a Petrol Lawnmower

    If your petrol lawnmower has stood unused for some time it may be difficult to start when the new mowing season comes around. If this occurs it's a good idea to service the mower and get it ready for the task ahead.

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    Petrol Lawnmower

    Start with one of the simplest jobs, changing the fuel. Over time, petrol will evaporate the more volatile parts and become harder to ignite, so empty out old fuel and replace with fresh petrol.

    Check the rollers for tangled grass fibres and make sure they rotate freely on their axles - lubricate if required.

    Using a pressure washer, clean any old grass mulch from the grass box, mower body and cutting blades. When dry, spray with a corrosion-inhibiting spray over any bare metal and around the spark plug to disperse any moisture.

    Adjust the cylinder cutter for a very close pass over the base blade. This should act in a shearing action and a blade in good condition should be able to slice through paper.

    Additionally, adjust the cut height as required - at the start of the season or if a drought is expected do not cut the grass too short as this may cause damage and make it less able to withstand long periods of sun. Try to only cut the grass when it is relatively dry, as cutting when wet may tear it.

    Check the spark plug and clean, adjust or replace as required.

    Ensure the lawnmower blades are in good serviceable condition, and sharpen or replace them if necessary.

    Check and tighten any loose components, replace broken parts and check the motor pull cord is in a good condition - replace it if necessary.

    Petrol mowers should have their oil changed after 50 hours of use. If the mower has not been serviced before storage you should change the oil. Please note that like all oil changes this is best done after the motor is warm, so a good time for performing the change is after the motor has cooled following the first cut of the year.

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    Replace 'old' fuel to help prevent diificult starting after storage..

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