How to Replace the Motor on a Flymo Compact 300 Lawnmower

    In this video we show you how to remove and replace the motor from a Flymo Compact 300 Lawnmower.

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    Tools that you will need

    Video Transcript: How to Replace the Motor on a Flymo Compact 300 Lawnmower

    You'll know if your motor is burnt out by the electrical burning smell. This will happen if your motor has been put under excessive strain.

    Important: before working on any lawnmower, always make sure that you've unplugged the machine first.

    Start by removing the blade and the impeller using the Flymo spanner, then remove these four screws and this one here using a Torx head screwdriver.

    Flip the lawnmower over and remove the grass collection basket so that you can access the motor area. Undo these two screws here and the one at the front using a Philips head screwdriver.

    Remove the motor head cover, put it to one side and lift out the motor and drive assembly. What you need to do is separate the motor from the black motor drive assembly bit. To do this I need to undo these four screws. Once you've done that remove the belt and slide the motor out of the assembly.

    You need to make sure that you wire up the new motor in exactly the same way that the old one was fitted. You may wish to take a digital photograph of the old wiring for reference at this point.

    Now I need to put the new motor back into the drive assembly and put the lawnmower belt back on. The belt needs to be reinstalled under tension. To do this, simply push the drive assembly when you put the screws back in.

    Put the motor and drive assembly back into its place in the lawnmower and put the whole lawnmower back together.

    When using any electrical tools in the garden always use a RCD safety device

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