How to Replace the Door Seal on a Washing Machine

    If your washing machine is leaking from the front, it may be that the door seal is torn or worn out, and will need to be replaced with a new one. This video shows you how to replace the door seal on a washing machine.

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    Video Transcript: How to Replace the Door Seal on a Washing Machine


    If your washing machine has developed a leak it might be because the door seal is broken and you will need to replace it with a new one. To get to the door seal, you will first need to remove the lid and the front panel of your washing machine.

    To remove the lid undo the two screws, then you should be able to lift it off. To remove the fascia, first remove the soap drawer by depressing the bottom and undo the screws on the top and front, then you can unclip it and lift off.

    Then you will have to remove the bottom panel, by taking the filter cover off and undoing the screws. It should then just come away. To remove the front you need to first remove the clamp band that holds the door seal in place and fold the seal into the drum.

    The front panel is held on by screws in the top and bottom. Once these are removed you can lift it off and disconnect the wires to remove it completely. Remove the clamp band that's holding the seal on to the drum by unscrewing the holding screw, then you can unclip the seal and pull it out.

    Fit the new seal on the lip of the drum and replace the bigger clamp band, tightening the screw to secure the seal in place. Replace the front panel and tuck the seal around the outside edge, replace the small clamp band into the groove around the edge of the seal.

    Once you have replaced all the panels, check that the seal is fitted correctly by making sure the door closes correctly. You should check for any leaks by running a rinse cycle before you start using the machine.

    Always lift washing out of the drum over the seal to avoid damage.
    Leave the door open to dry and stop mould and smells from building up.

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