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    How to Replace an Oven Timer

    If your Oven timer has a dim or no display. Or if the butons stick and do not work properly you may need a new timer.
    This video shows how to replace the timer module in your cooker and cure any clock related problems.

    For information on how to confirm a fault on a cooker, oven or hob see our other articles. »

    Tools that you will need

    Parts that you will need

    How to set an oven timer

    When the oven is used for the first time, or after an interruption in the electricity supply, the display flashes at regular intervals, showing 0:00.

    Press the Cook Start and Cook Stop buttons together, and at the same time press the + or - buttons or turn the rotary control on some models.

    This will increase or decrease the setting by one minute for each press or click when turning.

    Video Transcript: How to replace an oven timer


    Welcome to Buyspares.

    This video will show you how to change the timer in an oven.

    Before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure that the appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

    If the display in your oven is dim or not working properly, or the buttons are not working as they should the timer unit may need to be replaced.

    First turn of or disconnect the oven from the mains and remove it from the cavity.

    If the knobs on your oven have different markings take a photo of the layout as a reminder.

    The knobs can then be prised off with a flat blade screwdriver using a cloth to prevent damage to the surface.

    Remove the screws on the top panel and lift it off to access the timer module.

    Remove the timer module.in this model it simply unclips by pressing these tabs with a screwdriver.

    When replacing the module the new one may be slightly different.

    The old one has one relay, while the new one has two.

    Fit the new module in place and transfer the connections across so they match the original.

    Refit the knobs using your reference photo then replace the top panel.

    Reconnect or turn on the power to the oven, resetting the clock will allow the oven to function again.

    If the oven is working as normal it can be reinstalled.

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