How to Replace a Washing Machine Drain Pump (Samsung)

    If your Samsung washing machine is noisy when emptying or does not empty and you have identified a faulty pump this video will show how to replace it.

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    Video Transcript: How to Replace a Washing machine Drain Pump (Samsung)

    Welcome to BuySpares, in this video we will show you how to change a Samsung washing machine drain pump.

    Important: before replacing a part in any electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance is first disconnected from the mains.

    If your machine is very noisy when emptying or stops full of water, and you have proved the problem is the pump and need to replace it, this video will show you how.

    Start by disconnecting the pipes and carefully lowered the machine onto its left side on an old towel or carpet.

    Take off the base cover by removing these two screws and sliding the cover to one side before lifting it off.

    Take out the three fixing screws, tilt the pump and lift it off.

    Fit the new pump and seal, and screw it together, reconnect the wires and refit the cover.

    Carefully lift the machine upright, reconnect and run a test cycle.

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