How to Replace a Washing Machine Door Gasket

    If the door seal/door gasket on your washing machine has worn out, developed a tear or simply gone beyond cleaning - it's time to replace it.

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    Door seal

    An Easy 7 Step Guide to Replacing a Leaky Door Seal:

    1) Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply.

    2) Turn off the water supply.

    3) Examine the door seal; take some time to discover what type of seal you have. Some have clips and tension adjustments while others simply push into place.

    4) Find and remove the outer clamp. This can usually be eased off with a flat ended screwdriver; however you must loosen the tensioning mechanism first (if applicable).

    5) Remove the inner clamp. Locate the clamp securing the seal to the drum and loosen the holding clip (where applicable) then prise off with a screwdriver.

    6) Remove and discard the existing seal. This can be done by carefully pulling the old seal out of the locating groves with your hands.

    7) Fit the new door seal. Put the seal in place and use the clamp band to ensure a tight fit. If there is no tensioning adjustment, start at the bottom and push the seal into the groove using both hands working in opposite directions.

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