How to Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Agitator Brush

    The vacuum cleaner agitator brush works the dirt and debris out of your carpet and floors. However they can become clogged or worn out over time.

    If your agitator brush needs to be replaced, see our guide below:

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    Step-by-step Guide to Replacing a Vacuum Cleaner Agitator Brush:

    1: Safety first: unplug the vacuum cleaner from the power supply.

    2: Turn the vacuum upside down to gain access to the agitator brush bar.

    3: Remove the housing that holds the brush bar in place. You will need to remove the retaining screws.

    4: Remove the brush bar by pulling the roller ends out of the slots in the vacuum base. You will need to unhook the drive belt.

    5: If the bristles have worn down the brush will need to be replaced.

    6: Fit the replacement brush into the vacuum base slots. Remember to loop the drive belt back on or the vacuum won't function correctly.

    7: Refit the housing and screws before plugging the vacuum cleaner in and testing.

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