How to Replace a Gtech AirRam Motor Drive Shaft

    The Gtech AirRam brush drive gears can wear and become noisy or even fail altogether. Here we show how to replace this part.

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    Video Transcript:
    How to Replace a Gtech AirRam Motor Drive Shaft

    Welcome to BuySpares, this video will show you how to replace the drive shaft spindle and gear assembly on a Gtech AirRam cleaner.

    Important: Before replacing a part in any electrical appliance must ensure that be appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

    Gtech cleaners can suffer from wear to the drive gears.If you have an increase in noise levels it may be a sign this part is about to fail giving no drive to the brushes.

    Caution: Take the battery off before working on the cleaner.

    Then take off the filters and the container before lowering onto a flat surface.

    To remove the brush rollers and end caps take out these screws noting the position of the larger screws.

    Then take out these five screws, undo these screws and lift off the front brush housing.

    Next take out the four screws that hold the motor in place.

    Remove the screws on either side of the gear box and lift the motor unit from the cleaner.

    Then take out these five screws and unclip these covers.

    Disconnect the belt from the pulley on the drive shaft and lift out the drive shaft.

    Then lift out the gear and spindle with the bearings and reassemble in the reverse order.

    Finally refit the battery and test the machine.

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