How to Replace the Drain Pump on a Washing Machine

    Washing machine not draining? This article will show you how to replace the drain pump.

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    Tools that you will need

    Video Transcript: How to Replace the Drain Pump on a Washing Machine

    IMPORTANT: Before replacing a part in any electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

    To remove the pump from your washing machine you first need to remove the filter cover to empty out any water. It is important to fully drain the appliance, and this may be achieved by either lowering the drain hose into a bowl, or by tipping back the machine to enable a tray to be placed below the filter and slowly discharging the water into the tray or bowl.

    You’ll first need to remove the lid and the front panel of your washing machine. To remove the lid, undo these two screws here and then you can just lift it off. To remove the fascia, first take out the soap drawer by pressing this button, undo these screws on the top and these screws on the front, then, you can unclip it and lift it off.

    Then you’ll have to remove the bottom panel by taking the filter cover off and undoing these screws, it should then just come away.

    To remove the front panel, you need to first remove the clamp band that holds the door seal in place and fold the seal into the drum. The front panel is held on with screws at the top and the bottom. Once these are removed then you can lift it off and disconnect these wires to remove it completely.

    Undo these two screws that hold the pump in place, and then you can lift it out from the back like this. Unclip the two wires that connect the pump to the washing machine, you’ll see two metal clamps that secure the pump onto the hoses – you’ll probably need pliers to open these up so you can slide them up the hose, so they’re away from the pump.

    The pump should now come away from the hoses and you can attach the new pump onto them. Replace the clamps using the pliers, and then attach the plug and the wires onto the new pump. Holding the pump in place, replace the screws that attach it to the washing machine, and then replace the filter cover and the front panels.

    Use a washing machine cleaner to remove mould, bacteria and to stop smells from building up

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