How to replace a chainsaw chain

    Chains need to be sharpened ideally after one to two hours of use. General wear and tear will usually lead to you needing to replace your chainsaw chain. Incorrectly installed chains could cause damage to the chainsaw and cause you injuries. That is why it’s really important to have knowledge on replacing them properly. Chainsaw designs do vary, but the points in this guide can be applied to most chainsaws. Here are a few steps to help you on your way and save you some money on getting it replaced:

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    What you'll need: A new chain for your chainsaw,socket wrench,flat head screwdriver

    1. The first step is getting the right replacement chain. To get the measurements right you need to measure from the base to the nose. If you are still uncertain, count the number of drive links.

    2. Make sure you have all your tools ready. When operating a chainsaw, it is important to think about safety. Use the correct protective equipment, and always have the blade facing away from you. Keep the kill switch off, and the blade guard on when storing. Never do any work on the saw straight after operation when the appliance is still hot.

    3. If you want to be extra careful when changing the blade you need to disconnect the spark plug.

    4. Loosen the two bolts using a universal wrench and remove the side plate. If the brake is attached to the side plate then the best thing to do is unlock it. Then the chain and bar can be removed.

    5. With an old cloth, give the saw a good clean, including the chain brake.

    6. Fit bar and then place the links with the blades in the direction of travel over the sprocket onto the bar.

    7. Put the clutch cover back on, lining it up with the lugs. Screw the nuts on loosely; adjust the bar to get the chain to the correct tension, which is snug on the bar. The cutter links need to be touching the bottom of the bar.

    8. Tighten the clutch cover really tight.

    9. Make sure the appliance is well lubricated, including the top sprocket.

    10. Put the spark plug back in place if removed, and put the cover back in place.

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