How to Remove Smells and Clean a Fridge or Fridge-Freezer

    From time to time, many people experience a problem with the flavour of food being tainted in their fridge. To cure this it may be necessary to clean the fridge and fit a deodoriser.

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    Ensure that food is wrapped or covered to prevent smells from contaminating other foods within the fridge.

    Any strong smelling food stuffs (such as fish, curry, cheese) should be put into sealed containers or wrapped in cling film to capture and hold in the vapours that may transmit the smells around the fridge.

    Secondly, empty and defrost the fridge if required – find out how to defrost your fridge, by reading our dedicated articles, – and then clean the lining with a fresh clean cloth, using a diluted solution of two teaspoons of Bicarbonate of Soda in one litre of warm water.

    If the defrost drain hole is accessible, check it and rinse some of the solution through to clean.

    Dry the fridge lining with a clean, dry tea towel and fit a fridge deodoriser to help absorb any smells that may cause an issue in the future.

    If after cleaning you have identified broken or damaged shelves or flaps and require replacements.

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    On a wet wall fridge ice droplets will form, these defrost regularly and drain into the gutter below.

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