How to maximise the life of a laptop battery pack

    If you use your laptop on the move then it is important to have as much battery life as possible. This 8 step guide shows you how to extend the life of your battery pack.

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    Extending the life of a laptop battery:

    1: At least once a month you should allow the battery to fully discharge.

    2: To allow a battery to discharge you need to turn the laptop off.

    3: Unplug your laptops AC adaptor from the laptop and turn it back on. If it does not turn on the battery will already be fully discharged and you can jump to step 6.

    4:Operate the laptop for a short period of time, usually around 5 to 10 minutes. If the low battery indicator starts flashing or there is another sign of a low battery then it's time to recharge.

    5: If there is more than 10 minutes operating time in the battery, continue using the laptop until the battery goes flat.

    6: To recharge the battery you need to reconnect the AC adaptor to the laptop and power supply. The battery indicator light will glow to show the battery is charging.

    7: The battery indicator will change colour when the battery is fully charged.

    8: When a laptop battery reaches the end of its operating life then it will need to be replaced. On this website we have laptop batteries for most popular models; you can use our laptop battery finder to locate the battery you need.

    If you have more than one battery pack then you should rotate between them.

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