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    How to Identify Hotpoint or Indesit Fault Codes

    If your washing machine shows an F and two numbers or lights blink after it stops it may be showing a fault code.

    Here we explain how to identify the problem.For information on how to tackle and resolve faults and problems on a wide range of appliances see our other articles »

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    Video Transcript: How to Identify Hotpoint or Indesit Fault Codes

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    Many machines may indicate an error code if the machine has a problem, and this will usually be displayed either as a combination of lights regularly blinking on the front panel or a digital code of letters and a number.

    If you check this error number it should indicate the area of the problem. Error codes are a guide and should be used to help look into the correct area to identify what is going wrong.

    If your machine does not have a digital display there should be a group of four lights in a row, these will be lit in a pattern that could be read in binary, reading from the right to the left the four lights when lit is counted like this:

    Light One equals One.

    Light Two equals Two.

    Light Three equals Four.

    Light Four equals Eight.

    So if lights one two & four are lit that shows error 11 and if lights one and three are lit that shows error 5.

    Here are the typical error codes used in most Hotpoint or Indesit washing machines. There are a few exceptions for some early models but this seems to be correct for nearly all the machines produced in the last ten years.

    F01 is a module motor triac fault within the module, meaning you may not have any main motor drive.

    F02 indicates a problem with the motor jammed or a problem with the motor tacho this may result in the motor spinning to high-speed and then stopping.

    F03 error indicates a problem with the NTC the sensor for water temperature. Check the connections and replace if required.

    F04 pressure switch jammed on empty check for a blocks hose, faulty switch connections or module.

    F05 indicates a problem with the pressure switch on full - check the drain circuit as this is usually caused by debris in the pump.

    F06 is often the door lock on 'later' machines but may be a programmer on older machine.

    F07 is indicating fault with the heater relay if this is OK a new board may be required

    F08 error is heater relay. Check the heater, pressure switch and module connections.

    F09 error is indicating a faulty or corrupted memory or eprom chip and will either require reprogramming or possibly the new module.

    F10 error indicates the pressure switch is not sensing -check the connections on the switch and board then check the pressure switch is not blocked by detergent in the hose.

    F11 indicates a problem with the drain circuit. Check the pump connections and wiring.

    F12 indicates the front control panel is not communicating with the mainboard check the plugs and wiring.

    F13 to F15 relate to washer dryers. F13 also indicates a high temperature rise while drying. Check for blocked airflow or jammed or faulty fan motor.

    F14 code is no heat when drying, check the element and the cut outs on the dryer heater.

    F15 indicate you may have a dryer heater relay a problem.

    F16 is not generally used on Hotpoint or Indesit machines.

    F17 indicate a problem in the door lock area this could be the door lock wiring or PCB.

    F18 error indicates a problem with the communication between PCBs - check the plugs and wiring and if these are OK it is likely to be the main module.

    If you have checked the fault code and it suggests a faulty module it is worth pointing out that modules supplied by Hotpoint or Indesit are unprogrammed and will not work at all until they are programmed by using a smart card and reader, but the card can only be used once.

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