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    How to Identify Bosch Error Codes

    If your Bosch washing machine stops and flashes an error code you will need to identify where the problem is coming from.

    For information on how to tackle and resolve faults and problems on a wide range of appliances see our other articles »

    Tools that you will need

    Video Transcript: How to Identify Bosch Error Codes

    Welcome to BuySpares.

    In this video we will be showing how to identify an error code on a Bosch washing machine with a digital display.

    Important: before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure that the appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

    After checking your code we would advise you to refer to our other diagnoses videos to find out what the problem may be and the how to cure it.

    Here are the typical error codes used in Bosch and Neff washing machines.

    F01 or F17 is a filling or level error - check the water supply, that the hoses are not pinched or restricted, and that the inlet valve and its filter. Replace these parts if necessary.

    Check for a blocked hose, connections faulty pressure switch or module.

    F02 is a heater error - check the heating element and the temperature sensor and wiring. If these are okay suspect the module.

    F03 or F18 is a drain error or fault - this indicates the pressure switch is on full. Check the drain circuit for any debris in the pump or blockage in the pressure hose or drain hoses.

    F04, F05, F21, F42, F43 or F44 are motor faults - check the carbon brushes for excessive wear, and the motor connector plug and wiring for signs of damage. Check the motor windings with a meter.

    Check the tacho connections if the motor spins to a high-speed straight away. Suspect the module or PCB if no other problem is found.

    F06 or F07 indicated a NTC error - check the sensor and wiring.

    F08, F16 or F34 indicate a door lock error - check the door closes correctly, check the catch and latch and the wiring to the door lock. Check the lock for damage and replace if necessary.

    F09 is heating when not required, and this is likely to be due to a module fault.

    F10 is a communication error - check the connections between the modules and motors for damage or signs spillage or corrosion.

    F23 is an anti flood device in the base that has been activated - check for water in the base by tilting the machine, if water runs out look for a leak. Check the float switch in the base is not out of position or damaged.

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