How to Guarantee a Balanced Washing Machine Load (Spinning Problems)

    Listed below are some of the most common reasons why a washing machine load may be out of balance, an explanation of what might be causing the problem and how to fix it.

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    It is important to ensure that the load in a front loading washing machine is balanced to prevent possible damage to your washing machine when spinning.

    If the load contains heavy items (like towels and jeans for example) their weight will add significantly to that of the overall load when wet. While this is not an issue in itself, if there are not enough heavy items to spread out around the drum then it is likely to become unbalanced. This can cause the machine to shake violently, resulting not only in premature wear on the drum bearings but also items such as the drum weights coming loose.

    For example, in a load consisting of light items (such as shirts or underwear) but with the addition of one heavier-weight bath towel, the drum will be unable to balance the load. As the drum fills with water and the towel gets wet, this lack of balance will become more pronounced, with the towel slowing the drum motor down as it is lifted towards the top of the drum rotation, and speeding it up as it passes the top and comes back down again.

    As most machines are capable of high speed spinning the issue of balancing the drum is one of vital importance, and for this reason machines are designed to monitor the drum speed and any fluctuations. If this change in speed caused by the heavy towel becomes too erratic by moving outside an “acceptable” range, the machine will try and rebalance the load or even stop spinning altogether.

    This problem can be prevented, therefore, by trying to wash items of different weights separately, keeping lightweight items such as shirts, t-shirts and underwear together in one wash, and jeans, towels and jumpers together in another. This will mean the heavier wash will be balanced better by having the weight distributed more evenly around the drum and helping to keep the rotation speed more consistent.

    Adopting this approach to washing can make your machine last longer, saving you money on replacement washing machine parts and repairs.

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    If a load has not spun or UNB is indicated stop and remove the heavy items and it will spin. load with similar weight items to ensure balance.

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