How to Diagnose Motor Problems on My Washing Machine

    Listed below are some of the most common motor faults you're likely to experience with your washing machine, an explanation of what might be causing the problems and how to fix them.

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    Motor Brushes video

    Motor Problems:

    Check the motor brushes for wear. Find out how to do this by clicking on the panel to the right.

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    Have you accidentally cancelled the spin cycle? A quick check of the spin speed and the program selected will determine this.

    Belt Replacement video

    No Motor Action At All:

    Check if the drive belt has come off or is broken. You can find out how to do this by clicking on the video panel to the right.

    What you'll need: Washing Machine Spares »

    Does Not Spin Clothes:

    Ensure the pump is emptying the drum of water. If the appliance tumbles slowly without ever increasing to higher spin speeds, the wash load may be out of balance

    (see our article on balanced loads.

    Empty the drum and restart the spin cycle with an empty machine. If the problem has been resolved by emptying the machine, this is likely to indicate that the fault did not lie with the machine, but rather the unbalanced washing load.

    If, on inspection, the cause of the fault is not immediately apparent most people will require the assistance of a trained professional, we recommend Repaircare, to get a quote click on the panel on the right.

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    Clean the commutator by rubbing it with a fine grade abrasive paper like a 200 grit "wet n dry" when fitting new brushes

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