How to Diagnose a Blowing Fuse or Tripping Fault

    Listed below are a some of the most common tripping and blowing faults, as well as an explanation of what might be causing the problem and how to fix them.

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    washing machine

    My Washing Machine is Dead:

    If the machine is plugged in, try another item in the socket e.g. hair drier or lamp. Does the other appliance work?

    Check plug connections and change the fuse with another appliance of the same fuse type/rating.

    If the washing machine is “hard wired” into the wall, does the power switch light up when turned on?

    Yes: There is power at the switch, so the appliance must be the problem.

    No: There isn't power at the switch or socket on the wall.

    Check the household fuse box. If all is okay, you may need an electrician to check the socket and household wiring.

    My Washing Machine is Tripping the House Electrics:

    This can be very difficult to trace without the correct equipment, unless a short circuit can be found.

    If on inspection the cause of the fault is not immediately apparent, most people will require the assistance of a trained professional, we recommend Repaircare

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