How to Defrost a Non-Frost Free Fridge Freezer

    An iced up fridge freezer costs you space and money. When a thick layer of ice forms inside the freezer it can make it difficult to get items in and out but this isn't the only problem. It also makes the freezer less energy efficient, which will add to your electricity bill.

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    If you follow these simple steps defrosting your freezer doesn't need to be a major headache nor time consuming.

    8 Steps to Defrost a Freezer:

    1. Be prepared, you will need a large bowl and a couple of old towels handy.

    2. Empty the freezer by removing any food items and removable parts. You can store the food in an insulated cool bag while the freezer defrosts.

    3. Turn the freezer off and place the bowl in the freezer and the towel at the base. This will soak up the water and stop the defrosting process from making too much of a mess.

    4. Leave the freezer door open, allowing the ice in the freezer compartment to melt. Alternatively, you can put a pan of hot water in the freezer and close the door.

    Using this method you will need to replace the water about every 15 minutes.

    5. Remove ice from the freezer walls. As the ice melts it may become loose enough to easily pull the ice off the freezer walls by hand or using a specialist ice scrapper, which will speed up the defrost process.

    6. Warning, do not try to pry the ice off the walls as this can pierce holes and cause lasting damage in the freezer walls, simply repeat step 4 until the ice comes away easily and never use a sharp implement to chip away at the ice.

    7. Wipe down the freezer. Once all the ice has melted it is the perfect opportunity to give the fridge freezer a thorough clean.

    8. Replace the contents and switch the fridge freezer back on.

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