How to Check and Replace a Dishwasher Drain Hose

    It really is an annoyance when your dishwasher starts leaking, but it is a problem that can be solved without great difficulty. When there is a leak in your appliance it may be down to the drain hose. This is the hose which carries the dirty water from the dishwasher to the sink trap, and it needs replacing as soon as a leak occurs.

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    Drain Hose

    What you'll need: Replacement Dishwasher Drain Hose » , Pliers » and a Screwdriver » .

    Follow these simple steps:

    1. Switch off the Electricity Supply:

    You need to unplug the power chord from the socket before conducting this repair. In some cases you may need to switch of the main electric supply for the duration of the repair.

    2. Locate the Drain Connection:

    This will be under the drain close to the dishwasher.

    3. Remove the Brackets that Hold the Dishwasher in Place:

    This point only applies if you have a built in dishwasher. You will need to unscrew the dishwasher from the mounting brackets with a screwdriver and move the machine so you can reach the back.

    4. Moving the Dishwasher:

    You will need to do this to be able to access the drain hose. Take extra care as the drain, power chords and hoses are still hooked up to the dishwasher.

    5. Locate the Drain Hose:

    The next step is to locate the dishwasher drain hose. It is connected to the pump which will usually be located below the lower spray arm.

    6. Identify Hose Connections:

    Once you locate the dishwasher drain hose, spot where it leads to in the cabinet. You need to know this point of origin in order to replace the dishwasher drain hose.

    7. Detach the Drain Hose:

    Next you need to detach the existing dishwasher drain hose. This should be easy enough to do, simply squeeze the clamp using pliers and slide the drain hose out.

    8. Install the New Drain Hose:

    Connect the new drain hose to the drain and the dishwasher. Clamp the connector in place to ensure a tight seal.

    9. Put the Dishwasher Back into Place:

    Move the dishwasher back into its original place in your kitchen. Be careful with the wires as they could easily get tangled up.

    10. Reconnect the Dishwasher's Power Supply:

    Turn on the electric supply. Make sure that you plug in the chord.

    11.Test the Dishwasher:

    Make sure to do a test run to check everything is working correctly.

    Dishwasher Accessories

    To get the best results from your dishwasher rinse and brush off all food particles before loading the machine.

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