How to Change a Fridge Thermostat

    If your fridge is no longer keeping to the set temperature and overfreezing or if it's not working, it is most likely that the thermostat has failed or is sticking. This can be expected to happen after a period of time and use. In this video we show you how to remove and replace the thermostat in a fridge.

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    Video Transcript: How to Change a Fridge Thermostat


    Welcome to BuySpares, this video will show you how to change the thermostat in a fridge.

    If your fridge is experiencing issues with temperature control, you may need to replace the thermostat.

    To remove the old thermostat, you'll first need to remove the assembly attached inside to the fridge wall. Start by gently levering the control knob off the thermostat shaft, and undoing any nuts holding the shaft in place. Then remove any other screws that are holding the assembly onto the wall.

    The assembly should then be loose, enabling you to gently slide or lift it from the wall. If there is a cover on the back of the assembly, remove it and then lift the thermostat body from the space inside.

    As a reminder when you install the new thermostat, write down or take a photo of the connections to refer to later, before removing the spade connectors from their terminals. These connectors may have barbs on them, which will require you to push down on them as you pull the connector off the terminal.

    When the thermostat is disconnected, remove the capillary from the wall of the fridge. This should slide out quite easily, but on some fridges it may be attached at the other end, so check with your model before applying excess force to it.

    If there is a sleeve on the capillary, remove it before unwinding the capillary on the new thermostat and transferring the sleeve onto it. Then, gently feed the capillary back into its cavity. When the capillary is all the way in, place the thermostat into the assembly and reconnect it using the photo or notes made previously.

    With the thermostat connected, push the shaft through the hole in the assembly and screw the nut back on. Reset any cables in place and ensure none are trapped, before placing the cover back over the top. Then reattach the assembly to the fridge wall.

    Place the knob back onto the shaft, being careful to align them properly so the knob can be pushed on easily without excess force.

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    To prevent seal gaps warm it up with a hair dryer and gently stretch the seal, this will set into its new position when closed and left to cool.

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