How to Change a Cooker Hood Filter

    It is important to change your cooker hood filter on a regular basis, as grease builds up inside the cooker hood and can reduce efficiency - which can lead to eventual failure!

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    Grease & Carbon Filters

    New grease and carbon filters greatly reduce the recirculation of odours and grease caused by cooking, making the kitchen a cleaner and more pleasant place to be, as well as prolonging the life of the cooker hood.

    Exactly how often you need to replace the filters will depend on how much you use the cooker hood, but a general rule for the typical household would be to change the cooker hood filter every six months.

    Replacing a cooker filter is easy to do, and can be done in just a few minutes.

    Replacing a Cooker Hood Filter in 4 Easy Steps

    1) Unscrew / unclip the locking mechanism holding the filter in place.

    2) Remove the old filter.

    3) Fit the new filter in place. If you are using a universal filter it may require cutting to size.

    4) Activate the locking mechanism and check the filter is securely in place.

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