How to Buy a Replacement Gtech Battery

    Overtime the run time of the battery in your Gtech sweeper may start to diminish. If this is the case then you will need to buy a replacement.

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    Gtech Battery

    At BuySpares, we stock Gtech sweeper batteries for all models, however you will need to check your model number to ensure you are buying the correct type.

    All new Gtech sweeper models use a NiMH battery pack, but if you have an earlier model it may well use a NiCd battery. There is a piece of European Union (EU) legislation that has outlawed the use of NiCd batteries, but don't be concerned if your Gtech sweeper uses the older type, you can still buy replacements.

    You should always check what type of battery your sweeper requires and never attempted to fit a NiMH battery in a NiCd sweeper as this will not work and may damage the internal electronics.

    What Type of Battery Does my Gtech Sweeper Use?

    The information below will enable you to quickly locate the replacement battery type required.

    Check the Charge Socket:

    A quick way to work out the type of battery your Gtech sweeper uses is to check the charge sockets. If your Gtech sweeper has circular charge sockets then it will use a NiCd battery pack. A sweeper with rectangular sockets (except the SW10) will have a NiMH battery.

    Check the Rating Plate:

    To make sure you are ordering the correct battery, it is advisable to check the rating plate. The rating plate will be located on the underside of the sweeper. On the rating plate, find the WEEE logo. If there is nothing printed under the logo then you need a NiMH battery, but it will clearly state NiCd if you need this type of battery.

    Exceptions: This guide covers most Gtech sweeper models. If you own a Gtech SW10 sweeper then please note both battery types have rectangular sockets, so ensure you check the rating plate. Remember if you are in any doubt then consult the instruction manual.

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