How to Avoid Problems with Your Pressure Washer

    Pressure washers are a very useful addition to the home and can be used for a range of cleaning applications including cars, decking, patios and drains.

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    As with any equipment problems can occur, but these are often easily prevented with a little knowledge and common sense. By following the points below and some preventative measures you can reduce the chance of damaging your pressure washer and instead, prolong its life.

    I) Avoid spray hitting the pressure washer itself or any electrics whilst in use and ensure an RCD safety device is used.

    II) Do not use a pressure washer on or near external light or power fittings. If water accidentally comes into contact with electrical devices, switch off the supply. Disconnect the device, wipe the water off and leave it in a warm, dry environment until completely dry. When the unit is dry, ensure that it is protected by an RCD before turning it back on.

    III) When pressure washing, the spray that bounces off can pick up grit and small particles. Avoid direct contact with the water jet and spray reflections, wear safety glasses to prevent eye injury.

    IV) Avoid running your pressure washer without water. If drawing water from a pool or alternative water source, prime the supply hose to prevent air from running the pump dry, as this may damage the pump seals.

    You can prime the washer by connecting the hoses and pulling the gun trigger without the power being switched on. Allow the water to push any air out until the gun delivers water in a constant stream.

    V) To clean the pressure washer, disconnect it and wipe the case with a moist cloth.

    VI) The pressure washer should be stored in a clean and dry environment. If there is a chance of freezing in cold weather, run the appliance for two seconds with the water supply disconnected to purge the pump and inlet pipe, as any water remaining inside can freeze and split these pipes.

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    Keep the cables away from water as much as possible and connect with an RCD protection device automatically switching off if a fault is detected.

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