Hoover Error Codes

    Welcome to the Buyspares Hoover Fault Codes Centre.

    Many manufacturers have designed their appliances to display fault codes in the event of a problem.

    Whilst these codes are at times a valuable tool to help diagnose the problem they are not always a direct answer to the problem.

    Take an example of a code for “drain problem” with a washing machine. This can occur if the module has failed, or the pipe is blocked by a sock for example. It could be as a result of the pump has burnt out or more likely due to something blocking the pump like a hair grip or coin.

    Therefore when a machine shows a fault code always take the time to list what the machine can and can't do as this may be more useful than just a code.

    If a code only occurs occasionally it may be not a fault with the machine but for example a “balance error” code may be due to incorrect loading of the machine.

    However some errors may only show on certain cycle for example a “heating error” on washing may not show on a low temperature cycle.

    It may be that you find your machine having drained and not completed the cycle showing an error code, if this is the case and the code is not known or “vague” then try starting a short cycle empty on a high temperature. Then by keeping an eye on the machine you will be able to check if it fills, starts washing, heats (after 15 minutes or so), empty' s and then spins. If there is a fault then one of these steps may not complete and the programme may stop or finish prematurely.

    For example if the machine fills washes heats but struggles to empty (water still in after several minutes draining). It can be seen that the pump is trying to drain and the problem is likely to be an obstruction or partial blockage (typically a sock or debris in the filter).

    This information will help you identify what area to investigate first.


    E00 Eeprom – Defective "Cuore" Control Module and/or Wiring.

    E01 Door Safety Device/Drum's Braking device defective and/or Wiring.

    E02 The Water Fill Phase was not completed within the designed limit time.Defective Solenoid Valve, Pressostat, Water Fill Hose, Low Water Pressure in the network and/or Wiring.

    E03 The Water Drain Phase was not completed within the designed limit time. Clogged Filter, Drain Pump, Drain Hose, Wall Discharge and/or Wiring.

    E04 Several (3) interventions by the Anti-flood Safety Contact of Pressostat. Solenoid Valve blocked opened, defective Pressostat and/or Wiring.

    E05 NTC Temperature Reading Probe opened or shorted and/or Wiring.

    E06 Eeprom – Defective "Cuore" Control Module and/or Wiring (MDL) - Jammed Motor's Rotor and/or Wiring.
    E07 (INVENSYS) – Defective Door Safety Device (blocked opened) and/or Wiring.

    E08 Defective Tachometric Dynamo (opened or shorted) and/or Wiring
    . Resistance for the Tacho coils are:

    Tacho coil for motor Ceset: 42 Ohm

    Tacho coil for motor Hoover: 156 Ohm

    Tacho coil for motor Sole: 184 Ohm

    E09 Defective "Cuore" Control Module (damaged Motor's TRIAC) and/or Wiring.

    E12 Missing dialogue between "Cuore" Control Module and Display board and/or Wiring.

    E13 Missing dialogue between "Cuore" Control Module and Display board and/or Wiring. (MDL) - Defective "Cuore" Control Module and/or Wiring.

    E14 (INVENSYS) - Missing Water Heating: defective NTC Probe and/or defective Water Heating Element and/or Wiring.

    E15 Defective "Cuore" Control Module – Not Programmed "Cuore" Control Module.

    E16 Water Heating Element is short circuited or defective electrical insulation.

    E17 Wrong signal from Tachometric Dynamo.

    E18 Defective "Cuore" Control Module and/or Wiring – Wrong Network Frequency.


    E01 Faulty Door Lock Safety Device or Wiring.

    E02 Base Water Load Not Finished Within The Limit Time Of 3' 30".

    E03 Drain Phase Lasting A Longer Time Than 3'.

    E04 Intervention By The Anti Flood Safety Of Pressostat.

    E05 Faulty NTC Temperature Reading Probe Or Wiring.

    E06 Faulty "Core" Control Board Or Wiring.

    E07 Overheating of The Ic IGBT Component Of "Core" Board (T>90°C)

    E08 Opened/Shorted Coil Of Tachometric Dynamo Or Board Or Wiring.

    E09 Opened/Shorted Ic IGBT On "Core" Board or Opened/Shorted


    E11 Faulty Drying Module Opened/Shorted Or Wiring (WD Only).

    E12 Missing Dialogue Between Boards Or Wiring.

    E13 Missing Dialogue Between Boards Or Wiring.

    E14 Faulty "Core" Control Board Or Wiring

    Hoover Washing Machines - VHD "DIGIT" SERIES:


    To start an Automated test of your machine follow the information below

    • Before Starting empty the drum of the washing machine, during the Auto-test sequence, the anti-unbalancement safety is normally disabled.

    • Set the Program Selector's Knob (Ref. 2 in Picture 1) on the OFF position.

    To Activate the Self Diagnosis Test Programme:

    • Press and hold the FIRST Button of the Option Button group with LED's on the left.

    • Turn the Program's Selector Knob from the off position 2 steps in clockwise direction.

    • After 3 seconds and within 5 seconds, release the FIRST Option Button.

    • If the previous procedure was correctly carried out, all LEDs are all switched ON simultaneously

    • Press the START/PAUSE Button (to start the Selfdiagnostic sequence.

    now click the "Self Diagnosis Test" tab above:


    Same as it happens for all electronically controlled Washing Machines produced

    by the Candy Group, all appliances of the "VHD DIGIT" series are equipped

    with an advanced software, capable of immediately recognizing the presence of the most serious functional troubles. In such a case, the currently carried out washing cycle is halted and the DIGIT screen displays the related Error Code. The Error Code is displayed on the DIGIT display, as it's hereunder shown (the example shows the Error Code E 02, displayed whenever the water faucet is forgotten closed): In case an Error Code is displayed and the machine is halted. To restart the machine it's necessary to move the Program's Selector Knob to the OFF

    position. Then, if water is still present in the tank, select the "DRAIN" position and wait for the drain phase to be ended. Eventually move the Program's Selector to OFF. Wait for 2 seconds and select a new washing program.

    If the previously found trouble should now be missing, the set washing cycle is carried out to it's natural ending. On the contrary, the same Error Code as previous (or a different one) will be displayed, and the Machine is halted.

    Making reference to the above resuming table of the available Error Codes, we like to remind the importance of the perfect continuity of the electric wiring and of the related connectors, when dealing with electronic controls of the

    "Core" family. This is both true for the contacts on the Control Board then for the corresponding contacts on the controlled peripherals (Program's Selector, Display Board, Drain Pump etc.). A partial oxidation of some connector's

    contacts on the "Core" Control Board or on the connected peripherals, could generate the displaying of a peripheral related Error Code, even being the involved peripheral in perfect conditions. Therefore, we suggest to carefully check the related wiring, before any replacement of the "Core" Control Board and before replacing any of the

    related peripherals. A valid check of the wiring can be performed by removing the connectors from their location (both on the Control Board then on the related Peripheral) and by spraying inside the same connectors a small amount of Contact Cleaner liquid. Then, re-fit the connector in position and re-start the Auto-test routine, to see if the Error Warning is displayed again. .


    Water is Filled to the "basic" level of 6 liters, through the Pre-wash detergent's compartment .

    • Pauses for 1 second then fills for 20 seconds.Water heater is turned on (approx 8amp increase in current)

    • Machine is filled through main wash draw compartment and then motor will turn drum at 55 rpm anticlockwise for 16 seconds approx.

    Picture 2

    • The motor pauses for 4 seconds and water continues to fill till wash level is achieved by filling through all the compartments and the drum rotates at 55 rpm clockwise for 12 seconds.

    • The machine will now drain untill empty is registerd followed by a short spin for 15 seconds at halfmaximum speed.

    • The Self-diagnostic sequence is now complete.

    • At the end of the Auto-test sequence all LED will flash together.





    * All information provided is a guide only. BuySpares accepts no liability for any problems occurred while attempting any advice shown. If in any doubt contact a qualified repair service.